There are a lot of maltreated animals in Mexico, and we are involved in dog rescue through Help Tulum Dogs, a local charity.  As well as our own 2 dogs and a cat, we are usually looking after some puppies or older dogs that need our help to get well and find a permanent home.  We also feed and care for Yellow Dog and Basil, a couple of very friendly street dogs who live in the grounds.

Assorted Rescue Dogs





  • Over 12 years diving experience
  • ​IANTD Intro Cave Instructor
  • Instructor with IANTD, TDI, SDI, BSAC, PADI and RAID.
  • Ex-Lieutenant Commander Royal Navy. 


  • 20 years diving experience
  • Full Cave Instructor with both IANTD and TDI
  • Tech Diving Instructor - IANTD, RAID, PADI, TDI/SDI, CMAS, BSAC 
  • Tech DPV Instructor
  • GUE Tech and Cave diver
  • Ex-Commander Royal Navy.

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Address: Mz526 Lt01, Calle Rio Augostura, Colonia Tumben Kaa, Tulum, Quintana Roo, MEXICO 

Tel: + 52 (1) 984 114 0398


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​​​Underworld Tulum is owned and run by Lanny and Claire Vogel.

Running a dive centre in the best cave diving destination on earth is a lifelong dream and we look forward to giving our guests the best possible experience in the environment we love.

You are guaranteed a warm welcome accompanied by bags of enthusiasm for our joint passion of cave and cavern diving in Tulum, Mexico. 

We share our home with three 'technical black' pets, Zorro, Lola and Phantom.  They are all very friendly and love to befriend our guests!  

Claire started diving 12 years ago and is an instructor with IANTD, TDI, BSAC, PADI and RAID.  She has a passion for teaching essential/fundamental skills to divers, especially if they are new to the technical/cave equipment configuration.

She is also an Introductory Cave Instructor and is working towards teaching Full Cave.

With wide experience in a range of diving environments around the world, including rebreather and sidemount configuration, wreck, cave and Trimix, she enjoys recreational, cave and technical diving. She is most happy scootering with a JJ-CCR on her back!


Lanny has been diving for over 20 years and teaching people to dive since 2003.  He qualified as a technical instructor in 2005 and has been fortunate to train with some of the world’s leading dive educators and explorers.  He currently holds instructor qualifications from IANTD, RAID, PADI, TDI, SDI, CMAS, BSAC and DAN, and has both technical and cave certifications from GUE.

 Previously a Commander in the Royal Navy, he retired in 2014 to prevent work getting in the way of cave diving. With many years experience of diving the caves in Mexico in Backmount, Sidemount and Closed Circuit Rebreather, he is currently a Technical Cave Instructor with IANTD and a TDI Full Cave Instructor.