Presentations + Movie Night

We have a fascinating programme of presentations during CaveFest, including some local explorers recounting some of their experiences in untouched cave.  We will also be screening the movie “Diving into the Unknown” – an incredible true story of friendship, extreme cave diving and a challenging body recovery.

CaveFest - Supported by BSAC:  ​Coming in 2018! ​


  • Airport transfers
  • 2 weeks self-catering accommodation
  • All social events
  • Coffee and soft drinks
  • Presentations and workshops
  • Goody bag and CaveFest T-Shirt.

Try-Dives and Workshops

CaveFest is an ideal opportunity to try some new equipment under the supervision of one of our expert instructors.  We will be running try-dives on our Halcyon/Suex DPVs and giving people the opportunity to experience Sidemount diving.  There is also an Overhead Environment

 Rescue training day, including a realistic rescue scenario for everyone to get involved with and hone their rescue skills.

Ocean Diving

Although the real draw in Mexico is the caves, we also have the Meso American reef system, second in size only to the Great Barrier Reef, a few hundred metres off the coast.  You can therefore go for a day of reef diving, although your kit will get all salty and the fish may try and eat you.  The official CaveFest position is that the best way to rinse the salt water from your kit is to gently ascend through the halocline!

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The Cost of             is Just £649 for BSAC Members


Cancun is the nearest airport, just under 2 hours from Tulum.  Flights are available from most UK airports and 

airlines flying direct are Virgin, BA, Thompson and Thomas Cook.

Guided Cavern Diving

 Guided cavern diving is a great opportunity for sports divers and above to experience the beauty of the overhead environment in a safe and controlled way, accompanied by a cave-trained and well equipped guide.


Tel: + 52 (1) 984 114 0398


Workshops and Discussions

The evening programme will include  workshops and instructor-led discussions focussing on various aspects of Cave Diving, including Equipment Configuration, Line Laying and Accident Analysis.

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The first ever CaveFest - supported by BSAC will take place at Underworld in 2018.  This is an opportunity for BSAC divers to experience a very different and challenging type of diving in some truly beautiful caves and caverns.  Underworld is Mexico’s only BSAC centre, and is ideally located less than half an hour away from 9 out of the 10 longest underwater caves on earth.

There are lots of exciting opportunities for BSAC divers at CaveFest.  In water activities will include courses, fun dives, equipment workshops and more, and a lively programme of socials, presentations and movies is included.  For non-diving days, there are some fascinating Mayan ruins and nature reserves in Tulum, along with some great bars and restaurants.  Places are limited, and for those who can’t make CaveFest in August, bespoke packages for BSAC clubs are available throughout the year.

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BSAC Twinset SDC

The twinset SDC is the ideal way for BSAC divers to learn twinset or sidemount protocols and advanced buoyancy and propulsion techniques in preparation for cave or technical training.    

Cave Courses

To explore the overhead environment, you need to take a course! Most agencies split their cave diver training programmes into 3 courses: Cavern, Introductory Cave, and Full Cave. These courses include self sufficiency skills in twinset or sidemount configuration, line following, line laying, navigation and emergency procedures.  Divers need to have around 100 dives and be comfortable in a twinset or Sidemount with excellent buoyancy skills to start cave training.  

Address: Mz526 Lt01, Calle Rio Augostura, Colonia Tumben Kaa, Tulum, Quintana Roo, MEXICO 

Social Events

There will be many opportunities to socialise and share your diving experiences.  The Underworld Palapa bar will be the social hub of the event, and the pizza oven and BBQ grill will be put to good use for the opening and closing parties.


You will be accommodated in a twin room in one of Underworld's purpose built apartments or an equivalent apartment complex close by.  All apartments have wi-fi and cooking facilities.

Tulum and the Local Area

The Riviera Maya has some great activities for visitors, including beautiful beaches, Mayan ruins, and some fascinating eco tours in the Sian Ka’an biosphere and elsewhere.  Tulum has some great bars and restaurants ranging from fine dining to delicious and authentic street food. 

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  • Flights
  • Dive Training
  • Cylinder Rental
  • Gas/Sofnolime
  • Transport to Cenotes
  • Food (outside of organised events)