The Quintana Roo Speleological Survey (QRSS) supports safe exploration, survey and cartography of the local underwater caves and cenotes.  The QRSS maintains an archive of cave survey data for over 327 cave systems and encourages conservation and awareness of the  caves through collaboration and knowledge.

BARDOCreative Digital is an underwater photography, graphic design and marketing agency owned and run by Jason and Georgina Brown. Jason is an accomplished technical cave diver and photographer. 

The Rubicon Foundation funds research into diving and environmental issues and publishes important work in an online repository.

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​GUE is a non-profit organisation that emerged from a shared desire to safely explore and protect the aquatic world.  Some excellent Tech and Cave manuals are available to download as PDFs from the website.

Diving Incident & Safety Management System is an independent and confidential reporting system for all divers irrespective of agency.  The website includes some interesting learning accounts.



Divers have a lot of choice when they select which organisation they learn with, and the alphabet soup of acronyms can be a bit confusing, especially for new divers.   We have both trained and instructed with numerous agencies and prefer to think of the training we deliver as through Underworld, rather than agency-specific courses.  We aim to use the best aspects of all the agencies we have trained with, whilst remaining within the standards of the certifying agency.  The links to the websites of all the agencies we work with are below.