10% Discount for BSAC Members and Returning Customers

RAID Try Dive$140
PADI Discover Scuba Diving$140
RAID Open Water 20$550
BSAC Ocean Diver$550
PADI Open Water Diver $550
RAID Explorer 30$450
RAID Advanced 35$550
BSAC Sports Diver$450
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver$450
RAID/PADI Speciality Courses POA

All prices include cenote entrance fees, rental of top quality equipment, nitrox, transport, drinks and snacks.  Course fees include certification cards and access to online learning where applicable.  Helium costs are not included.

Prices are valid from 1 April 2017 - 31 March 2018.

RAID Nitrox Speciality$100
BSAC Nitrox Workshop$75
IANTD Nitrox Diver$100
PADI Enriched Air Diver $220
TDI Nitrox Diver$100
PADI Rescue Diver $450
RAID DivemasterPOA
BSAC Dive LeaderPOA
PADI DivemasterPOA
BSAC Advanced DiverPOA


Typical duration of Tech/Cave Courses is:

Essentials3 Days
Sidemount Diver3 Days
Cavern Diver3-4 Days
Combined Cavern & Introductory Cave Diver5 Days
Full Cave (from Intro)4-5 Days
Advanced Nitrox Diver3-4 Days
Advanced Recreational Trimix Diver3-4 Days

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Technical Instruction (IANTD/BSAC/TDI/PADI)$250/day
Cave Instruction (IANTD/TDI)$250/day


Self-catering apartment with 1 king size or 2 individual beds

Apartment (per night)$85



​Cave, Cavern and Ocean Dives

Cave Guiding (per day) - Full Service$210
Cave Guiding (per day) - Guide and Transport Only$140
Cavern Tour (1 Dive)
Cavern Tour (2 Dives)$170
Cavern Tour (3 Dives)$210
Ocean Diving (1 Dive)$130
Ocean Diving (2 Dives)$170